Location / Route

+91-98407 75727

From Central Railway


Look Left for Thousand Lights Mosque

Look Left for Church Park School

Look for Anna Flyover / Gemini Flyover and down 100 metres

Look Left for Sterling Towers

Look Left for Classic Lights

and the next is Zama Lodge...
U cannot miss it...

From Airport

Look Right for Anna Arivalayam

Look Right for Hyatt Hotel

Look Right for DMS Buildings

Look Right for Fire Station

Look Right for Kundan Agencies / Cellular Tower

and the next is Zama Lodge...
U cannot miss it...

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Approximate Distance, Fares

Distance From

Metro Railway Station(DMS)

100 metres

Distance From



Distance From

Central Railway Station


Fares From


Auto - Rs.150.00 to 170.00

Taxi - Rs.210.00 to 250.00

Fast Track Call Taxi 044 60006000

MTC Bus Routes (Stop Name : D.M.S)

From Central Railway Station

118A, 11A, 11G, 155A, 18, 18A, 18B, 18D, 18E, 18K, 18P, 19G, 1B, 1G, 1G Cut, 254, 51D, 52, 52B, 52K, 52L, 52P, 54, 54K, 54L, 54M, 54T, 579, 60C, 60D, 60H, 88, 88C Cut, 88C Ext, 88M, A18, A51, B18, D51, E18, E51, K18, M11A, M12, M152N, M188C, M18T, M51P, M52D, M88R, M9M Ext, 11A Dlx, 11G Dlx, 19G Dlx, 1B Dlx, 1G Dlx, 254 Dlx, 500B Dlx, 502 Dlx, 518 Ext Dlx, 54 Dlx, 88K Dlx, A18 Dlx, A51 Dlx, B18 Dlx, B51 Ext Dlx, D18 Dlx, E18 Dlx, 1B AC, A51 AC, E18 AC

From Egmore

23C, 29L, M152N, 23C Dlx, 23V Dlx

From Airport

118A, 155A, 18A, 1B, 52, 52B, 579, 60C, 60D, 60H, A18, B18, E18, M52D, M52G, 1B Dlx, 500B Dlx, 518 Ext Dlx, A18 Dlx, B18 Dlx, D18 Dlx, E18 Dlx, 1B AC, E18 AC, AIR-1 A/C

From Koyambedu


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Zama Lodge

331 & 333 ( Old 245,246 ) Anna Salai

(Opp. Kamaraj Memorial Hall)

Teynampet Chennai - 600006

TamilNadu India




+91-98407 75727


Skype : zamalodge